Sunglass Launches Web-Based Platform - A ‘GitHub for 3D Design’

Thu, 10/04/2012 - 3:40pm

Sunglass has launched out of beta with a major product update that establishes the company as the first to bring to market a GitHub-like solution to seamlessly collaborate and manage projects across computer-aided design environments.

This release brings unparalleled efficiency to the massive global market of industrial engineers, mechanical engineers and product designers who use CAD tools in their daily workflow.

What’s New:

  • Version browser  – seamlessly browse through multiple revisions in a visual environment
  • Deeply integrated plugins - edit and sync 3D files in real-time with full integrity between the desktop and cloud
  • Share spaces – selectively control access to individual parts of a larger project
  • Collaborative assembly – work with others on constructing the same design concurrently
  • Rich media annotations - beyond text comments, users can now pin images, PDFs, videos and hyperlinks as notes on 3D models

“One of the most frustrating aspects of the design process has been a lack of an efficient communication layer,” said Sunglass co-founder Kaustuv DeBiswas. “This release of Sunglass addresses that issue, and we are thrilled to provide designers a compelling solution that can reduce their design cycle time, and effectively improve production and quality.”

Sunglass plugins to SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and SketchUp - with CATIA, Rhino and Processing coming soon - deeply integrate to these desktop tools for synchronous and instantaneous collaboration. Users can seamlessly push and pull models from CAD software to Sunglass as they make changes, to stream edits in real-time while carrying on live discussions with clients and collaborators in the browser. For the first time, users can work on assemblies simultaneously and share projects on a part-by-part basis, to keep certain layers of complex designs private.

This update brings Sunglass much closer to the current workflows of professionals using enterprise grade design tools. The back-end architecture supporting loss-less data (solids, breps, nurbs, tessellated) and assembly-part mapping, along with version history, makes Sunglass the pioneer in delivering a serious cloud-based environment for designers. Now designers can track and manage changes throughout the creation process in a way that was never previously possible —making it simple and visual to work through edits with collaborators and discuss options with clients.

For example, a San Francisco based design team building a bike on SolidWorks can share a select part, such as the bike frame, with a manufacturer in Hong Kong as an interactive 3D model. The manufacturer and designer can have a complete conversation around the model, and as the manufacturer provides visual notes and feedback, the designer can make these changes in his SolidWorks environment and sync the changes instantly in full file integrity back to the cloud.

Similarly, a project manager working with a global team can use Sunglass to receive instant updates from the design team leading up to a presentation.

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