Delivering a constant current of up to 150mA, the AL5812 60V linear LED driver from Diodes Incorporated provides designers of low-current illumination and signage applications with a simplified circuit solution for accurately controlling 1/2W LEDs.  Housed in small-footprint, thermally enhanced SM package options, the driver is able to meet power-handling requirements over a wide supply voltage and ambient temperature range.

LED current is set using a high value resistor on the driver’s low voltage, 0.5V RSET pin, enabling the specification of a lower cost, smaller footprint resistor to reduce total system BOM cost.  A standard low-value decoupling capacitor is the only other external component needed.  The driver maintains an LED current accuracy to a tolerance of 3%.

Offered in the exposed pad MSOP-8EP and U-DFN3030-6 packages, the AL5812 drives up to 16 low-power LEDs, with its open-drain output handling a swing from 1V to 60V.  The driver’s industrial temperature range of -40ºC to +125ºC means it readily accommodates high luminaire operating temperatures.

The AL5812 linear LED driver from Diodes Incorporated is available for $ 0.2 USD each in 1k quantities.

Diodes Incorporated