Eastman Kodak Co. will close its Kodak Gallery online photo service on July 2 and will transfer the business to Shutterfly Inc. Here are some options for existing users:

DO NOTHING: Photos stored on Kodak Gallery will automatically be transferred to Shutterfly on July 2. A Shutterfly account will automatically be created unless users link the Kodak account to an existing one on Shutterfly ahead of time, starting in June. Photos on Kodak Gallery will disappear once the service closes on July 2. After that, it will no longer be possible to download full-resolution digital files of the photos for free. Photos may be inaccessible for months before they appear on Shutterfly.

DECLINING THE TRANSFER: Users can ask Kodak not to transfer the files to Shutterfly, a process known as opting out. Users wishing to do that must visit Kodak's website to do so by May 28. Photos will disappear once the service closes on July 2.

OTHER OPTIONS: Before July 2, users can link the Kodak account with an existing one on Shutterfly. They can also download full-resolution digital files of the Kodak photos for free, or buy them on DVDs. Kodak said customers must complete orders for prints and other products by July 2, or order from Shutterfly after that. That means customers may have to start over if they are in the middle of collating a photo book for an order if that's not done by July 2.