Verotec’s H family of horizontal chassis provide a “plug ’n ’play” environment for hardware and software developers and system integrators using either cPCI or VME64x architectures. The chassis, which mount PCBs horizontally, are complete with a PSU, thermal management and have good EMC shielding. All versions are full 19” width, 297-mm deep units, have an IEEE 1101.10/11 compliant card cage and offer an 80-mm rear transition (plug-up) area. Fitted with demountable earpieces, they are ready to be mounted in any standard cabinet or desktop enclosure. A removable top cover provides easy access. The slimline H12 is 1U high and is fitted with either a 6U, two-slot 64-bit right hand system slot cPCI backplane with rear plug-up connectors in P3, P4 and P5, or a VME64x two-slot backplane with active on-board terminations, electronic ABG and centre P0/J0 connectors. An autoranging ATX PSU provides 110 W. Right to left push-pull cooling across both the main and rear transition areas is achieved by three input fans drawing air in from the front and right hand side, with three fans on the left exhausting through the left hand side. The 2U H24 is similar to the H12 but supports four-slot systems.

CT/H110 or PICMG 2.16 packet switching versions of the H12 cPCI backplane are also available as standard. PSU options include AC or DC input 3U x 8HP PICMG 2.11 compatible power supplies in either 200 or 300W configurations, or a single 250W embedded ATX style PSU. Left to right cooling across both the main and rear transition areas is provided by three 80mm long life, low-noise DC fans contained in a fixed or removable cassette module installed on the left hand side adjacent to the subrack. The 3U H36 supports six-slot systems and offers the same power options and cooling arrangement as the smaller H24.