Industrial automation manufacturer Opto 22 is sponsoring eSight Energy's U.S. "Energy Management Road Shows," a series of live events exploring the role of power monitoring and energy analysis in improving building energy efficiency. At these events, facility managers and others responsible for managing energy use can learn how eSight Energy's energy analysis software, used in conjunction with Opto 22's OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring appliance, can help facilities reduce consumption. Energy Management Road Show attendees can also examine real-life case studies to discover techniques to effectively manage energy usage, network with industry professionals, and share ideas for implementing energy management programs.

Bob Sheffres, Vice President at Opto 22, said, "Opto 22 has worked closely with eSight Energy to have our OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring appliance deliver power data to eSight's energy analysis software, and we're looking forward to participating in and sponsoring eSight Energy's upcoming Energy Management Road Shows."

Brittany Streiner, Business Development Coordinator at eSight Energy and Organizer of the Energy Management Road Shows, said, "Having Opto 22 at our Road Shows will be a great opportunity for guests to not only learn about the eSight energy management suite, but also to see how we integrate seamlessly with the OptoEMU Sensor. The joint offering creates a full end-to-end solution to help facility managers reduce their energy usage and achieve ROI in less than 12 months."

eSight Energy's U.S. Energy Management Road Shows will be held throughout 2012 in Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Houston. The next Energy Management Road Show will be held in Chicago on May 30th; to register for this or other upcoming Road Shows, visit