VARTA Microbattery Wins “Top Innovator 2011" in Prestigious, German Competition

Thu, 02/02/2012 - 11:30am
VARTA Microbattery Wins Top  Innovator 2011As a result of intense research efforts, VARTA Microbattery succeeded in developing new Lithium-Ion cells that were both small in size and 30% higher in energy density than comparable products. "The Li-Ion cells in this format offer a reliable and robust energy source and are superior to conventional Li-Ion cells", Herbert Schein CEO VARTA Microbattery states. The VARTA Coinpower cell offers an ideal power source for products like wireless headsets, home automation systems, GPS, navigation systems, communication technology and medical device technology. Countless other applications may benefit, as higher energy density results in extended run-time.

Competitors in the German Year Award belong to IT, pharmaceutical, environment protection, automobile, engineering, chemistry, and medical device technology and lumber industries. Professor NikolausFranke, PhD and his team, performed the product pre-selection process. The team analyzed value to the customer, new product technology in comparison to the existing products, and the economic success of the new product. Recognized industry experts and entrepreneurs across several business sectors made the final selection. VARTA Coinpower won 34% of all available points. "Learning that our research and development work was honored by such an esteemed jury of experts is an important recognition for us", added Mr. Schein.



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