High Accuracy Wireless Solution Brings Advances to Emergency Call Management in India

Tue, 02/21/2012 - 4:04am

By: Jagdish Mitra, CEO, CanvasM Technologies

CanvasM Technologies

CanvasM Technologies, Tech Mahindras VAS subsidiary, recently entered into a strategic partnership with Polaris Wireless, a global leader in software-based wireless location solutions, to introduce the first high-accuracy, network-based wireless location solution for the Indian market. The partnership combines CanvasMs SI expertise and account intelligence with Polaris Wirelesss high-accuracy location infrastructure solution to provide customers in India with the most accurate wireless location solution in the market today. Introducing value added and location-based services to Indias growing base of mobile device users brings increased revenue opportunities to mobile operators.

The high-accuracy location tracking solution empowers law enforcement agencies to reduce crime, prevent terrorism and increase security by enabling mobile operators to offer various location-based applications to their subscribers. It allows mobile operators to easily identify the location of emergency calls made from a mobile phone using radio network measurements and pattern match against a geo-referenced signature database (PSD) to estimate the callers location. Two recent field trials done in India, one with a Tier 1 operator, demonstrated that the performance of the solution exceeded the mandate for accuracy in urban areas set forth by the Indias Department of Telecommunications. The partnership and new wireless location solution opens the door to more effective emergency call management and other consumer location-based services.


Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor



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