In-Flight Broadband Deploymentsto Surpass 6,100 Planes in 2015

Thu, 02/09/2012 - 5:22am

In-Flight Broadband Deploymentsto Surpass 6,100 Planes in 2015

The in-flight Wi-Fi market has emerged to offer customers the same benefits of broadband connectivity that they enjoy on the ground. While the market has been in development for over a decade, in-flight Wi-Fi has only recently taken off. Deployments of Wi-Fi onboard airplanes have gained strength over the last few years, with availability reaching critical mass on some airlines. New In-Stat ( research, forecasts that in-flight Wi-Fi broadband deployments will surpass 6,100 planes worldwide in 2015.

“The installed base of Wi-Fi-enabled devices has increased enormously over the past decade,” says Amy Cravens, Senior Analyst. “With more people carrying Wi-Fi-enabled devices, the potential addressable market has increased multi-fold. Additionally, the variety of Wi-Fi-enabled devices has also changed considerably, which will significantly alter the usage of in-flight broadband. More passengers are boarding planes with Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones and tablets, as well as laptops, which are able to utilize the service.”

Some of the research findings include:

  • In-flight Wi-Fi service revenues will surpass $1.5 billion in 2015.

  • The total number of broadband-enabled planes in 2011 was 1,835.

  • Take rates have increased significantly, moving from an average of 4% in 2010 up to 7% in 2011.

  • In-flight broadband providers are beginning to introduce new revenue opportunities, including additional passenger services (video and voice) and operational services.

  From Pipe to Platform: Worldwide In-Flight Broadband Providers Redefine Strategy (#IN1105003WS), examines the market for next-generation in-flight entertainment (IFE), with a focus on in-flight broadband services. For the purpose of this report, next-generation IFE services are segmented by access technology (GSM, satellite, air-to-ground) as well as application (voice, video, and data). This report is global in scope and emphasizes the following:

  • Market potential usage
  • Examination of different service provider business models
  • Competitive analysis for the in-flight broadband market
  • Profiles of in-flight broadband providers including: Aircell's Gogo, OnAir, Panasonic, and Row 44

This research is part of In-Stat's Wi-Fi service, which provides analysis of the market for Wi-Fi-enabled equipment and attach rates in PCs, peripherals, consumer electronics, communications,and industrial applications, as well as services such as hotspots and in-flight broadband.

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