Vicor Corporation unveiled its new IBC Power Simulation tool, which the company says is an industry-first online simulation capability that enables power system designers to interactively model the electrical and thermal performance of intermediate bus converters in application-specific operating conditions and thermal environments. Available to users via Vicor’s PowerBench™ online design center, Vicor’s IBC Power Simulation tool provides greater visibility into key electrical and thermal performance attributes of Intermediate Bus Converters (IBCs).

"Vicor’s new IBC Power Simulation tool is designed to put essential information at power engineers’ fingertips to enable them to visualize and solve their real-world power system design challenges," said Tom Curatolo, Global Director of Applications Engineering, Vicor. "By providing power engineers with the ability to quickly and easily select, simulate and optimize the intermediate stage of an Intermediate Bus Architecture power system, we’re equipping them to accelerate design cycles and achieve competitive advantages afforded by greater efficiency, density and functionality."