Cooperation to Ease Multicore Software Development

Tue, 01/03/2012 - 6:40am
Express Logic, the worldwide leader in royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOS) and PolyCore Software (PSI), the leader in multicore communications software solutions, announced extended cooperation to increase support of multicore platforms. To enable applications to more quickly adapt to Tensilicas multicore configuration, PSIs Poly-Platform now supports Express Logics ThreadX RTOS on Tensilicas Xtensa multicore devices. This partnership enables developers to take full advantage of multicore platforms, while easing software development and increasing performance.

Poly-Platform is a collection of productivity tools and a runtime communications stack that simplifies the process of developing applications for multicore architectures. Using Poly-Platform, designers effortlessly optimize performance, improve time-to-market, and preserve existing and future software investments. With Poly-Platform, engineers are able to quickly configure and reconfigure the application, and when the time comes to implement new multicore solutions, existing code may be reused and scaled from one to many cores. Poly-Platform supports the Multicore Associations Multicore Communications API (MCAPI), providing users with an efficient, standardized programming paradigm.

Express Logics ThreadX RTOS, deployed in over 1 billion electronic devices, is a small-footprint, fast run-time environment that supports Tensilica Xtensa processors, and now supports Poly-Platforms operation on Xtensa multicore devices.

"The combination of ThreadX and Poly-Platform for Xtensa provides multicore configurability from the application level to the silicon," said Ted Gribb, vice president of sales, PolyCore Software. "This capability optimizes the application-specific multicore platform while accelerating time to market."

"Poly-Platform provides ThreadX customers with an integrated platform that quickly moves single-core applications to many core architectures." said William Lamie, president, Express Logic. "PolyCore Software simplifies the multidimensional challenge of programming in a multicore environment. Our joint offering achieves faster time-to-market, a critical factor in succeeding in todays highly competitive marketplace."

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