MENDHAM, N.J.—December 28, 2011—The Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) Alternative Energy Committee is sponsoring a special industry presentation session at APEC 2012 entitled “Grid 2020-The Evolving Power Grid.” To be held February 9, 2012 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, the session will feature eight experts from the market research, commercial and research institute sectors. This special event will provide an overview of the national legislative environment and global market development for renewable energy in addition to the most current technology advancements in wind power, solar power, microgrid, energy storage and power management.

This session will also explore renewable energy applications from small-scale nanogrid, to campus-wide microgrid, all the way up to the integration with the utility-scale power grid. Attendees will gain insights into some of the key technologies and design techniques that are moving the 125-year-old power grid from a one-way power distribution system to a distributed power generation and distribution system.

Co-chairs of the PSMA Alternative Energy Committee, Liang Downey of Nextek Power Systems and Chavonne Yee of Power-One, stated, “This special presentation session will not only be very informative but will also provide an opportunity for attendees to interact with other professionals who are active in the evolving energy generation and ‘smart grid’ markets. We encourage people to register for APEC 2012 and make plans to attend the session and to consider participating in the other PSMA-sponsored meetings during the week.”