PSMA Announces Advanced Nanotechnology E-Learning Tutorial

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 5:23am

Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) announces to the power sources industry the availability of an advanced e-learning tutorial that covers the latest advances in the science, research and applications of nanotechnology. The target audiences for the tutorial are technical and marketing people involved in the power sources industry who wish to increase their understanding of nanotechnology leading to a better appreciation of the technology and possible applications for their company. 

The advanced e-learning tutorial, entitled PSMA Nano 200, is offered for free through the PSMA website to any PSMA member company employee. PSMA Nano 200 includes a review of nanotechnology basic concepts introduced in the recently updated PSMA Nano 100 together with a succinct presentation of the chemistry, material sciences and quantum physics needed to better understand nanotechnology. PSMA Nano 200 also explores recent nanotechnology research and provides a cross section of companies offering nanotechnology products. Additionally, the tutorial highlights safety, ethical and societal issues and concerns associated with nanoscale. Individuals who successfully complete the tutorial will receive a “Certificate of Completion” for three Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s).

Gerald Castellucci, Program Manager, Technology Innovation Program, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) commented, “PSMA is to be congratulated for its foresight in keeping its members abreast of a disruptive technology that will impact its member companies and permit them to be competitive in a world market.”

Anthony F. Laviano, Ph.D., founder of NANOWorld® and Executive Vice President of Northrop Rice Advanced Institute of Technology (NRAIT) provided the content for this advanced tutorial while J. Michael Rice, President of Aerolearn , an e-learning provider, provided the application program. According to Dr. Laviano, “It was an exciting challenge that the PSMA Executive Committee thrust on us to develop an online advanced tutorial encompassing all the pertinent nanotechnology issues. The tutorial had to alert, inform and educate its members to design and integrated nanoscale technology into their products. PSMA required in-depth content while stimulating enthusiasm for application and I believe we met the challenge.”

About PSMA

PSMA is an active organization consisting of power supply manufacturers, users, power component suppliers, academics and consultants, interested in furthering the cause of the power supply industry. It is a non-profit, democratic and participative organization, whose main and common goal is to enhance the stature of the power supply industry and provide education and information about this unique industry through published reports, educational seminars, technical workshops and conference exhibits. PSMA provides leadership to the industry through its members, which include most major power supply companies. (



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