Geneva, September 14, 2011  – STMicroelectronics has worked with Microsoft to enable ST’s NFC solution support for the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. ST will demonstrate its NFC solution at the Microsoft BUILD conference, September 13-16, 2011 in Anaheim, CA.

ST is enabling NFC connectivity in future Windows 8-based devices facilitating new types of short-range, security-enhanced and convenient communication among all these devices. Running on Windows 8, ST’s ST21NFCA NFC router can provide Reader/Writer, Peer-to-Peer and Card Emulation communication modes, as well as I2C and SPI connectivity to the host processor and several connections to optional Secure Elements.

“As an early supporter of Windows 8, ST has a unique opportunity to enable plug-and-play NFC features on upcoming Windows 8-based tablets and PCs,” said Marie-France Florentin, General Manager, Secure Microcontrollers Division at STMicroelectronics. “With the NFC support for Windows 8, end users will enjoy new and convenient ways of interacting and sharing data with their peers.”

ST’s offering integrates all the necessary hardware and software for a complete NFC system, supporting all existing contactless standards for proximity and vicinity.