Oscilloscopes Provide Low Front-End Noise, Deliver High Signal FidelityRohde & Schwarz, a leading manufacturer of test & measurement, communications and broadcasting equipment, has developed an advanced digital oscilloscope that features low front-end noise to allow the analysis of extremely small signals with high signal fidelity. Designated the R&S®RTO Series, the digital scope utilizes a single core A/D converter to ensure an accurate representation of signals when debugging biomedical sensors and equipment.

Featuring a fast and accurate acquisition system that captures even rare events, the R&S®RTO Scope Series provides a gain range of one-millivolt per division.  The sophisticated scope also provides excellent overdrive recovery to eliminate distortion and ensure high signal fidelity.

“The R&S®RTO Oscilloscope family is well-suited for biomedical measurements based on its low noise front-end performance and A/D converter to deliver accurate signal acquisition, which ultimately enhances productivity and product performance,” said Mike Schnecker, business development manger at Rohde & Schwarz.

In addition, the R&S®RTO Scope Series uses a real-time digital trigger.  Analog triggers typically have a long re-arm cycle, and while re-arming, the instrument cannot react to trigger events, which means signal properties that should act as triggers are masked. Because the R&S®RTO Scope Series’ digital trigger does not need to re-arm, every sample can trigger data acquisition to avoid missing events.