Floating Battery Interconnection System Enhances Mobile Device Connection Reliability

Tue, 08/09/2011 - 10:25am
Tyco Electronics

SHANGHAI, China -- July 12, 2011 -- TE Connectivity, formerly Tyco Electronics, introduces a floating battery interconnection system (FBIS) that helps enhance connection reliability and avoid electrical disconnection for mobile devices such as mobile phones, smart phones, tablet PCs, etc. This provides customers more freedom in designing their pc board and choosing the type of battery pack to use.

"TE's FBIS offers a special floating design that prevents the receptacle connector from easily being disconnected due to external shocks," says Eric Himelright, director of product management, TE. In addition, unlike traditional battery connectors such as leaf contact and spring probe connectors, TE's FBIS has dual contact points that prevent electrical discontinuity due to physical shock, mate contacts easily with the plug and eliminate electrical intermittence, thus enhancing contact reliability.

TE's FBIS plug provides versatility in mounting to the printed circuit board. The plug can be designed as a right-angle, vertical or off-set type depending on the application. This provides customers design flexibility in choosing their battery size.

TE can also design receptacles that allow customers to choose either the mechanical fixture method or the over-mold fixture method depending on their battery pack design.

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