VPG Introduces Technical Program Covering Precision Resistor Selection

Wed, 07/13/2011 - 7:55am

Vishay Precision Group, Inc. announced that its Vishay Foil Resistors division (VFR) has introduced a new technical program for its customers in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Available by customer request and held at the customer's site, the "Selecting Precision Resistors" educational program is designed to assist customers — and especially design engineers — in resistor selection by clarifying the differences among various precision resistor technologies beyond the basic information offered on datasheets.

Whether an application requires the best available combination of all important resistor characteristics, or just one or two of the best available specific characteristics, exact knowledge of all resistor technologies is essential when selecting a device. Resistors built on different technologies may seem alike on the surface, and may even have similar specifications; however, the differences among them remain quite significant. Inherent in each type of resistive material are certain design and processing variations that strongly influence device electrical performance in ways that may become apparent only after a period of use in the end product. 

In "Selecting Precision Resistors," VFR covers the electrical properties and stress factors of thick film, thin film, and foil resistors, emphasizing the theoretical and actual resistor performance characteristics of Bulk Metal® Foil resistors, including: temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR), power TCR (PCR), ESD, short-time overload, thermal EMF, and stability. 

The program includes a demonstration that illustrates in real time the differences among the three resistor technologies when exposed to several stress factors. Stress analysis principles are discussed, in addition to methods for locating and predicting stress concentrations in analog circuits using common techniques. 

"Selecting Precision Resistors" is also available to teachers, students, and other persons involved in analog circuits or in hardware development and manufacturing, and will be presented at their respective universities, research institutes, manufacturing facilities, or design centers. To schedule a technical session, please visit

Further information about Bulk Metal Foil resistors and other VFR products is available at Follow Vishay Foil Resistors at



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