Stonestreet One has licensed its Bluetopia Bluetooth protocol stack to Texas Instruments for incorporation in TI’s newly announced Stellaris 2.4 GHz CC2560 Bluetooth Wireless Kit (DK-EM2-2560B). Designed for portability and scalability across multiple operating systems and processors, Bluetopia is Stonestreet One's implementation of the upper layers of the Bluetooth protocol stack. It was chosen by the TI team for its unique ability to ease Bluetooth application development, among other benefits.

Bluetopia provides a robust and flexible software development tool that implements the Bluetooth Protocols and Profiles above the Host Controller Interface (HCI). Bluetopia's Application Programming Interface (API) provides access to the upper-layer protocols and profiles interfaces directly to all Bluetooth chips on the market. These and other features are enabled on TI’s new Stellaris 2.4 GHz CC2560 Bluetooth Wireless Kit, aimed at helping engineers jumpstart Bluetooth-enabled designs.

“We are delighted to license Bluetopia, our full-featured Bluetooth protocol stack, to TI for this innovative Bluetooth wireless kit,” said Tim Reilly, President and Founder of Stonestreet One. “This combined solution will make it easier to develop powerful embedded Bluetooth applications. We have worked closely with TI to package the right solution and look forward to engaging with customers of the platform.”

“Stonestreet One delivers solutions that are simple and easy to use, helping engineers quickly and easily design Bluetooth technology-enabled applications based on Stellaris microcontrollers,” said Miguel Morales, Stellaris MCU marketing director, TI. “By merging Stellaris ARM Cortex-M3 MCU performance with TI’s seventh-generation CC2560 Bluetooth solution, designers can accelerate time to market. Our complete software and hardware tools, third-party offerings and technical support ensure customers the best-suited wireless connectivity for every type of application.”

Stonestreet One is a global leader providing software solutions for Bluetooth wireless technology. Bluetopia and BTExplorer, its Bluetooth Connection Manager for Windows CE and Windows Mobile based devices, have been deployed by many product manufacturers around the world and are currently shipping in millions of enterprise and consumer devices on the market today.

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