Portable Power Management at Techno Frontier

Fri, 07/22/2011 - 12:20pm

A variety of products and technologies targeted at power management in portable devices were on display at Techno Frontier. Toko, Fujitsu Semiconductor and Toshiba Semiconductor were a few of the companies targeting portable applications. Toko demonstrated wireless charging modules, Fujitsu announced two new dc-dc converters and Toshiba expanded its offering of MOSFETs.

The Toko booth featured a demonstration of wireless inductive charging technology. Wireless inductive charging is a relatively new category for portable power management and Toko announced cumulative shipment of over 15 million units of its wireless power transmission module. Toko also announced a new generation of modules with higher-voltage and higher-current capabilities. The new modules can deliver up to 800mA at up to 12Vdc, with an overall power limitation of 4W.




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