Vector Fabrics announced that it has joined Synopsys' System-Level Catalyst Program. Aimed at accelerating the adoption of system-level design, the program promotes interoperability between its partners' design solutions. The combination of system-level design tools from Synopsys and Vector Fabrics can increase the design productivity of systems engineers that develop multicore embedded systems.

Mike Beunder, CEO at Vector Fabrics comments, "Designing a next-generation multicore SoC and optimizing the required software for it is a complex task. You can achieve this efficiently with the use of state-of-the-art software and hardware tools. We are delighted to work together with Synopsys to include our easy-to-use and unique parallelization tools in the System-Level Catalyst Program and bring a combined solution to our joint customers."

"Understanding the parallelism in embedded applications is key to achieving the best hardware-software partitioning and optimizing multicore designs," says Dr. Johannes Stahl, director product marketing in the solutions group, Synopsys. "Interoperability between Vector Fabrics' parallelization technology and our multicore design solutions enables our mutual customers to address these challenges earlier in the development cycle and simplifying product definition. We're pleased to welcome Vector Fabrics to the System-Level Catalyst Program."

Vector Fabrics' participation in the program is based around its vfEmbedded code analysis and parallelization development tool. vfEmbedded's intuitive user interface models your target platform then lets you parallelize and optimize your software for it. The tool supports heterogeneous multicore architectures, and includes processor models for the ARM Cortex-A9 and x86 architectures. Processor performance, memory bandwidth, and cache behavior is quickly evaluated to find the best parallelization strategy. The time saved by both accelerating the partitioning and mapping process and reducing debug time through the avoidance of bugs makes it possible to complete the parallelization process in days instead of months.

vfEmbedded is available as a cloud-based software service. The tool is accessed using a standard web browser through the Vector Fabrics web site. Pricing is from ?450 per month. A free trial, including several example designs, is available.

More information is available at To learn more about the System-Level Catalyst Program, visit: