Over 1000 Low-maintenance Rehm VisionX Convection Reflow Systems in the Field

Thu, 06/30/2011 - 9:35am
Rehm Thermal Systems has successfully installed already over 1000 of its VisionX convection reflow systems in the field. Each system is driven by the company’s innovative Pyrolysis technology, which enables maintenance costs to be reduced by over 50%.

Available with nitrogen atmosphere, the VisionX Series also incorporates an integrated residue management system that includes Pyrolysis technology in the heat zones. Pyrolysis is the thermally induced decomposition of organic compounds, breaking complex molecules down into simpler substances through the use of high temperatures. By splitting long molecular chains into shorter ones, Pyrolysis significantly reduces the amount of condensable waste and unwanted dripping within the process chamber. Since remaining residues are captured within a special granulate, the system is virtually maintenance-free, requiring only an exchange of granulate every 12 months.

A leading provider of electronic assemblies and devices, WEPTECH elektronik GmbH, is currently using VisionXP with Pyrolysis to boost manufacturing quality. Having used the technology for some time now, WEPTECH Production Manager, Edgar Fischer, explains: “VisionXP with integrated Pyrolysis…provides us with the advantage of drastically reduced maintenance efforts and minimized downtime. And these are extremely important factors for us as a service provider.” Many other electronics manufacturers are currently using VisionX with Pyrolysis to ensure their systems are working as cleanly and efficiently as possible.

Commenting on the increasingly widespread use of the VisionX System featuring integrated Pyrolysis, Rehm General Sales Manager Europe, Martin Meyer, commented: “Pyrolysis is a pioneering technology with the ability to deliver a wide range of operational benefits for today’s manufacturers. From low maintenance requirements, through to guaranteed clean soldering processes, drastically minimized downtime and a clean, dry process chamber, the system’s benefits equate to dramatically improved productivity. For our customers, this is the number one competitive driver. We’re delighted that our technology has been adopted by so many manufacturers worldwide and will continue to innovate in this area to keep our customers out in front.” 


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