Customers of FASTWEB can look forward to further enhanced Internet speeds. Italy’s leading broadband provider has chosen Nokia Siemens Networks and Juniper Networks to strengthen its IP backbone to meet growing Internet traffic and service quality demands.

“The exponential increase of Internet traffic largely driven by popular social networks and video services had put pressure on our existing core network,” said Guido Roda, head of Network Engineering at FASTWEB. “In order to continue offering a superior Internet access experience to our customers and maintain market leadership, we needed to build new capacity. This was done by creating a new Supercore layer within the existing IP infrastructure.”

Nokia Siemens Networks deployed Juniper Networks’ high-capacity T1600 flagship core routers which were added to a Multiservice IP Backbone* and integrated with the existing core and access networks. Nokia Siemens Networks’ multi-vendor experience as an IP integrator facilitated the integration of the Juniper equipment into the existing network. The routers are extremely efficient not only in terms of performance but also floor space occupancy and power consumption, and have proved to be a perfect match for FASTWEB’s immediate capacity requirements.

“Our routers are a novel way of building additional capacity without ripping out existing infrastructure,” added Ben Jacobson, head of Nokia Siemens Networks alliance sales at Juniper Networks. “Without them, the overload of Internet traffic on the core network would result in severe bottlenecks and affect the quality of service.”

“This deal is a perfect showcase of our cooperation with Juniper to offer a strong product and services portfolio,” said Massimo Mazzucco, key account manager, Nokia Siemens Networks. “We were FASTWEB’s sole supplier in the IP edge segment, and with this deployment, we have made a crucial breakthrough in their core network too.”