Custom Direct Drive Motor SystemsApplimotion introduces custom direct drive motor systems with precision encoders and bearings in unique packages. For years OEM’s have routinely designed Applimotion ULT, UTH, UTS, and UTO frameless motor kits into direct drive systems unique to an application. Applimotion is now offering custom design engineering to incorporate its widely popular frameless motor kits into application specific direct drive motors as a service to customers.

Whether your requirement special mechanical requirements, high accuracy for precision positioning, or a harsh environment, Applimotion can create a solution for you. The process is straight forward. An Applimotion motor kit is selected based on performance needs. Then Applimotion engineers guide you through the selection of feedback and precision mechanical attributes. Finally, a complete custom direct drive motor solution is fabricated and delivered, including unique testing if required.

Direct drive motors are finding their way into many new applications as the advantages in reliability, precision and performance are realized. Applimotion has supplied their motors to a wide range of industries including energy, medical, unmanned-vehicles, inspection, metrology and military/defense. Unfortunately, standard off-the-shelf solutions currently available often don’t have the right features and can be too expensive. Applimotion can create an affordable direct drive solution the fits your application.