Family of Nano Miniature Connectors Expanded Up to 85 PositionsOmnetics Connector Corp, the leading manufacturer of Micro and Nano miniature and high reliability connectors, has expanded its Bi-Lobe family of nano miniature connectors up to 85 positions. Omnetics’ Bi-Lobe connectors are available in full QPL versions of MIL-DTL-32139 and spaced on .64mm centers. This family of nano connectors is now available in 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37, 51, 65 and 85 position contact arrangements. Utilizing Omnetics’ flex pin, gold plated contact system these Bi-Lobe for mission critical applications where size, weight and reliability are critical. They are can currently be found in such devices as: Handheld Optics, UAV Guidance Systems, Satellites, and Tactical Petroleum Drilling equipment. 

Omnetics Bi-Lobe connectors are available in pre-wired harnesses and various PCB terminations including SMT and thru-hole. They can be supplied with EMI shielded backshells, custom cable, retention screws, strain reliefs and latches.

Comments Joe Held, International Sales Manager: “It was customer demand that prompted Omnetics to expand the Bi-Lobe family to include an 85 position version. This is often the case with product development at Omnetics. We listen to our customer’s needs and react creating new standards. These new standards are often picked up by our competition and suddenly become industry standards. It is an interesting evolution to watch the connector market gradually adopt our innovation.”