Tecnalia leads the integration of energy efficiency in sports facilities

Wed, 01/05/2011 - 6:29am

Tecnalia Research & Innovation and Emtesport are leading in Spain the European project within the VII Framework Programme `Sporte2´. The project will provide greater energy efficiency in buildings which host large numbers of people, such as sports halls and other leisure facilities. This objective will be achieved by the management and optimisation of energy in its three dimensions: generation, interchange with the energy grid and consumption.

Sporte2 is based on intelligent buildings management systems (BMS) of a modular and scalable nature, and will perform monitoring, control integration and optimisation of the energy management of the facilities in these types of buildings. The project will result in a new business model for managers of sport facilities and energy providers. The Sporte2 system can be installed in both already existing infrastructures and new buildings. The system will provide answers to how, where, when and why energy is generated, used or exchanged in the energy grid. The final goal is the significant reduction of energy consumption, with a reduction in CO2 emissions and the consequent savings.

An important part of the research and experimentation tasks linked to the project will be undertaken at Tecnalia's KUBIK experimental building (international outstanding and unique experimental facility for R&D aimed at developing new concepts, products and services to improve energy efficiency in buildings) located at the Bizkaia Technology Park, as well as in the Etxebarri Municipal Sports Centre (Bilbao) managed by Emtesport so as to facilitate the integration and validation of the system developed in `Sporte2´ to everyday reality.

An intelligent management system for monitoring and regulation of heat generation, ventilation, hot running water, air conditioning, storage of energy, etc. will be applied in the Etxebarri Sports Centre. The data obtained will be recorded and compared with those of conventional installations. Moreover, this model of energy management will be tested in other pilot buildings in various European cities, which will enable its future successful implementation in installations that have systems for renewable energy and cogeneration.

European bodies specialised in the field of research and technology are collaborating in Sporte2, including technical research centres, universities and companies specialised in the management, development and application of systems in sports facilities. The Sporte2 consortium is constituted by D'Appolonia, Tecnalia Research & Innovation, Emtesport, Schneider Electric, ISA, STARING, Self Energy, Universita Politecnica Delle Marche and Associazione Sportiva Fidia S.R.L.



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