Linear Actuators Have Extended Stroke of 20 mm

Wed, 12/08/2010 - 7:26am
Medical Design Technology
Linear Actuators Have Extended Stroke of 20 mm

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc, a leading manufacturer of precision linear motion products, offers the 19000 Series, 20-mm captive linear actuator in a variety of stroke lengths. The 19000 captive is perfectly designed for applications requiring linear motion in tight spaces. Stroke lengths now available are 14, 18, 25, and 31 mm.

With a body diameter of just 20 mm and a linear force of up to 180 oz (50 N), this linear actuator easily outperforms similar sized units available in the marketplace today. The 19000 series captive linear actuator is a compact rotary-to-linear motion device with a built in anti-rotation mechanism. This allows the engineer the flexibility to design a precision linear motion system with the fewest components possible.

The 19000 can-stack linear actuator uses the latest technology in both materials and manufacturing. Technical enhancements compared with the typical can-stack motor found in the marketplace includes optimized stator tooth geometry, high energy neodymium magnets, custom engineered polymers, and larger ball bearings. The resulting system is a tiny linear actuator with high force, high accuracy, and unmatched durability.




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