Embedded Mini-ITX Motherboard Offers High Graphic Performance

Thu, 12/02/2010 - 6:23am
Medical Design Technology
Embedded Mini-ITX Motherboard Offers High Graphic PerformanceKontron announced the BGA version of its embedded Mini-ITX motherboard KT690/mITX (BGA) with an increased level of robustness and improved cost-performance ratio. Customers benefit from outstanding reliability in demanding environmental conditions, optimized total cost of ownership, and software to speed platform time to market.

The Kontron KT690/mITX (BGA) comes with soldered AMD singlecore Sempron 210U (TDP 15 W) or AMD Dualcore Turion Neo X2 L325 processors (TDP 18 W). For individual projects in large quantities, the motherboards are available with up to eight different processors that can be selected to suit customer-specific needs. All versions are designed for the temperature range of 0 to 60°C and include new solid capacitators that have been integrated to increase long-term stability. This makes the Kontron embedded Mini-ITX motherboard KT690/mITX (BGA) ideal for applications requiring outstanding reliability and cost efficiency. Furthermore, total cost of ownership is reduced due to the long life of the motherboard platform, tool and software readiness, as well as Kontron’s care in revision control to ensure ease of platform maintenance and support. The Kontron embedded Mini-ITX motherboard KT690/mITX (BGA) is suited to a wide range of cost sensitive embedded applications, primarily in areas such as medical technology. Applications that require decreased time-to-market and special government certifications, such as those found in medical, will benefit from Kontron‘s comprehensive lifecycle management and process certifications, such as ISO 13485.




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