Media Cache: You Can Hide, but in Europe You Can’t Watch Hulu

Mon, 11/01/2010 - 9:25am
New York Times

PARIS — Who says €5 won’t buy you anything these days?

For €5, or $7, a month in France, you can supplement your Internet connection with a virtual private network, or VPN, which disguises the location of your computer. Thousands of people have reportedly signed up for VPN’s in recent weeks in hopes of evading a crackdown in France on digital piracy. The authorities had begun sending out warnings to suspected file-sharers, telling them they risked losing their Internet connections if they continued downloading.

Or, for a centime less, music fans can go legit; €4.99 a month, for example, buys a basic subscription to Spotify, a popular online music service. There is even a free version of Spotify, though that interrupts a user’s listening to play advertisements.



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