High-Voltage/High-Current Electromechanical Relay for Alternative Power Systems (APS)

Tue, 11/09/2010 - 1:23pm
Tyco Electronics

Tyco Electronics has developed and is currently producing the new automotive version of the LEV100 Series high-voltage relay/contactor designed specifically for handling high power requirements for alternative powered vehicle systems. It offers a smaller packaging envelope than conventional contactor assemblies.

The low-cost, hermetically-sealed LEV100, 400 VDC (130A continuous) solenoid relay was developed for use in automotive battery switching/back-up applications that require power/motor control circuit isolation, circuit protection and safety. The LEV100 contactor employs a very rugged and robust exterior and interior designed to facilitate use in many types of environments. The LEV100 Series high-voltage relay/contactor coil is energized by external 0.2mm2 flying leads of various lengths that can be terminated with a 2-position connector for integration into an electrical system.

The LEV100 is compact in size, occupying approximately 65.5cm3, contains an epoxy-resin enclosure coupled with an inert-gas-filled contact chamber. It maintains a low profile (less than 58mm) and can operate in temperatures of -40°C to 85°C. The LEV100 contactor includes an integral mounting plate on either the bottom or side of the enclosure and accepts two M4 mounting screws, as well as flying leads for coil connections. The contacator is designed and built in accordance to AIAG, QS9000 and RoHS standards.

For technical information, please contact:

Tyco Electronics AMP GmbH

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phone: +49-6251-133-1999

fax: +49-6251-1033-1988


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