electronica 2010 - highlights

Thu, 11/11/2010 - 8:31am
The innovativeness and competence were the themes of TDK-EPC’s first Technologies & Products Press Conference, which was held at electronica 2010.

One highlight was the introduction of the first connectivity modules in groundbreaking SESUB (silicon embedding substrate) integration technology. SESUB allows highly integrated ASIC and controller dies with a large number of fine-pitch I/Os to be embedded directly into the substrate layers. The resulting systems in a package (SIPs) can be implemented with considerably smaller dimensions: their insertion height can be reduced by around 35 percent, e.g. from 1.55 mm to no more than 1.0 mm.

A second highlight was the unveiling of a new NTC thermistor-based temperature sensor for measurements from -40 to +1000 °C that is ideally suited for use in the exhaust manifolds of diesel and gas engines. Precise temperature measurement with long-term stability over a very wide temperature range is a prerequisite for high-performance engine management that boosts efficiency and improves exhaust values. Because of its high sensitivity and good signal-to-noise ratio at temperatures below 500 °C the new NTC sensor

is suited especially for cold start and start-stop applications with rapidly changing temperatures.

You will find the charts and summaries of the presentations at the Technologies & Products Press Conference as well as related press releases




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