AC Motors Are Inverter Duty Classified

Thu, 09/02/2010 - 7:22am
Medical Design Technology
AC Motors Are Inverter Duty ClassifiedGroschopp’s AC motors are inverter duty classified. The inverter duty motor is small and compact, in order to reduce energy consumption. The smallest AC motor offered, the AC65, measures just 2.88 inches square and 5.22 inches in length. This motor series is designed to directly integrate with Groschopp’s standard reducer lines with minimal interface components optimizing both size and cost. Groschopp’s AC motor further reduces energy consumption with its ability to run at varying speeds.

The Groschopp AC motor is utilized best in a long-life, continuous duty, application. It has no common wear parts, such as brushes and commutators, so it is highly reliable, featuring long life potential and low maintenance. Since the AC motor maintains speed over a wide range of torque, it integrates well with medical beds, x-ray tubes and other continuous motion machines. Customization options for speed control and high heat resistance along with the convenient customization from standard to food-grade grease permits the AC motor to synchronize well with commercial and industrial applications.

The standard features in a Groschopp AC motor include: rugged ball-bearing construction, high-efficiency stator and rotor tolerances, and impregnated windings designed to withstand more than twice the nominal voltage.

The Groschopp AC motor has a superb heat dissipation system. Groschopp’s AC motors have innovative cooling channels in the motor housing to avoid dust and grime build-up that can cause overheating and motor damage.




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