System Enables Quick, Easy Flat Cable Mounting

Tue, 08/24/2010 - 8:22am
Medical Design Technology
System Enables Quick, Easy Flat Cable MountingCicoil, a leader in high performance, flexible flat cable, has been awarded a patent for its StripMount cable mounting feature option. The StripMount design makes it quick and easy to mount cables to any surface without the need for cable carriers, conduit, or other cable management hardware.

StripMount is a fiberglass-reinforced ribbon that customers can add to any Cicoil flat cable. It is encapsulated in Cicoil's exclusive clear silicone jacketing, and it provides more than 250 lbs. holding force. Customers simply add the StripMount option as they specify the wire conductors that make up their cable. Using StripMount equipped cables eliminates the need for bulky, time-consuming cable carrier, conduit, and cable tie hardware, greatly simplifying cable design and installation. Cables with StripMount may be installed using screws, rivets, or with virtually any fastener available, making it quick and easy to securely attach a flat cable to any surface. In addition, multiple Cicoil flat cables can easily be stacked and attached to any surface.




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