Partnership with Microsoft in Rollout of InstaLoad Technology

Thu, 07/08/2010 - 5:29am
Preliminary AssemblyMemory Protection Devices, Inc. is very excited to announce its new partnership with Microsoft Corp. today. MPD will be the manufacturer for many new and exciting products featuring Microsoft's InstaLoad technology, which allows for battery insertion into devices without the need to worry about which way the battery is facing. Finally, a cost effective way to eliminate the constant consumer struggle with poorly printed battery installation diagrams, among the other concerns of battery insertion. This InstaLoad technology will enable a wide variety of more user friendly, battery powered devices to be produced, and with big names like Duracell already endorsing its use in their products the transition should be fast.

There are many areas in which InstaLoad technology will directly benefit consumers. From outdoors and camping enthusiasts to military and police officers, the ability to quickly replace batteries in such fields without the need to stop and figure out which way to insert them could be a matter of life and death. Similarly, many medical devices would benefit as well, and people with challenged vision will also be relieved to no longer have to battle with hard to read battery installation diagrams. InstaLoad technology can furthermore alleviate concerns over whether or not a battery operated device will be damaged by improperly inserted batteries. It is in fact more challenging to imagine battery operated products which wouldn't benefit from this new technology than to imagine those which would.

Although there have been other technologies that enabled the same ease of use to the consumer, they have relied on complicated and expensive circuitry or a constant drain on battery power. InstaLoad is a purely mechanical solution, meaning it will be affordable to put into consumer products at large without any compromises on energy efficiency, and the technology will be available for common battery sizes used in all consumer devices. It is just a short matter of time before battery insertion diagrams are a thing of the past, because InstaLoad is the future.

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