NEWBURYPORT, Mass. (February 24, 2010) - Rochester Electronics, the world's largest authorized manufacturer of discontinued semiconductors, provides authorized reverse-engineering services to re-create, manufacture and distribute pin-for-pin replacement parts with matched cycle for cycle timing for aftermarket semiconductor devices. Through its unique Rochester Semiconductor Replication Process (SRP), customers can avoid system re-qualification steps as the Rochester-designed and manufactured parts deliver the same specifications and performance characteristics as the original products.  Rochester engineers deconstruct and electrically analyze the critically needed semiconductor device, re-design the part using scope and scanning electron microscope (SEM) images, and re-engineer it onto a matched mature foundry process to replicate the original components.

Even when the IP and design archives are no longer available, Rochester's design engineers can build the semiconductor component from scratch. In some cases, Rochester engineers can add capabilities and technologies to the semiconductor device to make it RoHS compliant, or achieve commercial-to-military upgrades, radiation-hardened level enhancements, higher temperature tolerances, and other performance improvements.

In addition, the re-creation and manufacturing of semiconductor devices provided by Rochester is authorized by the original manufacturer, eliminating any potential legal issues from patent or IP infringement.

"Unlike most companies that merely emulate the performance characteristics and parameters of a discontinued semiconductor device, Rochester re-creates exact duplicates of the original part through its precise Semiconductor Replication Process. Even when the original IP is no longer available, our experienced design engineers can re-build a semiconductor device that is virtually identical to the original to provide a continuing, long-term supply of silicon wafers and finished devices," said Paul Gerrish, co-president of Rochester Electronics.  "The modern-day semiconductor foundries support a tighter process window than was originally achieved resulting in a more consistent high-quality, high performance semiconductor.

Rochester has already successfully reversed-engineered processors, ASICS, co-processors, controllers, memory, Op Amps, logic and linear semiconductors with voltages ranging from 3V to 100V and line widths as small as .18 microns. Recently re-created devices include several ASICS, Texas Instruments TMS32044 DSP, and Intel's IXF1002 Dual Port gigabit Ethernet controller. These Rochester re-created devices have provided a reliable continuous supply of end-of-life semiconductors to the aerospace, telecomm, military and medical industries.

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