College to Save Money by Switching Fonts

Fri, 03/26/2010 - 11:28am
Jason Lomberg, Technical Editor
The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay plans to cut costs by switching their default e-mail font. Poor Arial, the latest victim of the recession. In an economic climate like this, even fonts aren’t safe.

Obviously, fonts don’t make a lick of difference if used purely for sending and receiving electronic mail. But since Century Gothic purportedly uses 30% less ink than Arial, this would save money when students print e-mails. And since printer ink averages $10,000 a gallon (according to AP figures), these savings could add up quickly.

All of this may be true, but it raises an obvious question--wouldn’t they save more money by not printing e-mails in the first place? Quick, paperless messages seem like the primary benefit of electronic mail. But what do I know? Sorry, Arial. You’re getting the pink slip.


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