(AP) -- IMAPS-UK (The International Microelectronics And Packaging Society) is pleased to announce details of the forthcoming MicroTech-2010 Conference featuring “Disruptive Technologies” & APM featuring “Advanced Polymer, Organic & Inorganic Materials” being held at the well known Cambridge University Møller Centre. The location is ideally placed near many of the forward thrusting new and established companies as well as at a great historic city.

The Conference will be the major spring 2010 event on Electronics Packaging, Interconnection and Integration in Europe and is being held between 28th February and 2nd March 2010.

The event has also attracted worldwide interest and features an exceptional technical programme, with speakers providing Keynotes and contributions from USA, Korea, China and across mainland Europe.

Keynote presentations for MicroTech include “Disruptive Technologies” by Mark Christensen of Prismark Partners, USA; “MEMS packaging and assembly in Harsh Environments” by Sean Neylon of Colibrys, Switzerland. APM Keynote presentations include “Reliability study for high temperature stable conductive adhesives” by Johan Liu of EMIT Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden; “Wafer Level CSP & FlipChip Production Technology” by Elke Zakel of PacTech, Berlin, Germany and “Single Sided Substrates and Packages Based on Laminate Materials” by Bernd Appelt of ASE, USA. Further details of the full Technical Programme can be downloaded off the IMAPS-UK website.

A free to visit "Table-Top" exhibition will also span both Conference events. The exhibition provides an excellent opportunity to view the latest products and services from leading Companies involved in the Microelectronics field and for exhibitors to market their products and services to a wide-ranging audience.

Further details of the conference can be obtained by visiting the IMAPS-UK website www.imaps.org.uk or by emailing the Societies Secretariat: secretariat@imaps.org.uk