Nvidia’s Tegra Processor: Powering the “Tablet Revolution”

Thu, 01/07/2010 - 11:16am
Jason Lomberg, Technical Editor

Nvidia believes we’re “at the beginning of the tablet revolution.” To that end, they’ve introduced the Tegra processor, which purportedly bridges the gap between netbooks and smart phones. During their CES press conference, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang mused about the limitations of smart phones and netbooks--one's too small; the other, too large. Hence, the Tablet PC. As a piece of “enabling technology,” the Tegra injects horsepower into the forthcoming “revolution.”


 The Tegra is the world’s first processor to use a Dual Core Cortex A9 CPU. Purportedly, this is 10x faster than your average smartphone. As proof, Epic Games demonstrated the Unreal Engine on a Tegra-powered tablet. Imagine being able to play Bioshock on a PC the size of a piece of paper.

A key feature of the Tegra is its low power consumption. According to internal figures, Tegra devices could play 140 hours of music or 16 hours of HD video on a single charge.

Look for Tegra Tablet PCs in the coming year.


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