LT3971: 38V, 1.2A (IOUT), 2MHz Step-Down DC/DC Converter at Only 2.8uA Quiescent Current

Wed, 12/16/2009 - 3:52am
Linear Technology
The LT3971 is an adjustable frequency monolithic buck switching regulator that accepts a wide input voltage range up to 38V. Low quiescent current design consumes only 2.8?A of supply current while regulating with no load. Low ripple Burst Mode operation maintains high efficiency at low output currents while keeping the output ripple below 15mV in a typical application. An internally compensated current mode topology is used for fast transient response and good loop stability. A high efficiency 0.33? switch is included on the die along with a boost Schottky diode and the necessary oscillator, control and logic circuitry. An accurate 1V threshold enable pin can be used to shut down the LT3971, reducing the input supply current to 700nA. A capacitor on the SS pin provides a controlled inrush current (soft-start). A power good fl ag signals when VOUT reaches 91% of the programmed output voltage. The LT3971 is available in small 10-pin MSOP and 3mm × 3mm DFN packages with exposed pads for low thermal resistance.



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