So...remember how I was all "look for a new site March 1st" even though everyone, including Carl, said I shouldn't promise anything? You know, the whole "under-promise, over-deliver" thing? Well, crap got serious in the last month and a half or so, and putting up a new website full of funny new videos kinda got de-prioritized on my to-do list.

What got elevated? Looking like a credible software engineer. Working on LabVIEW a little more and my penny-sorting machine a little less.

No, An Engineering Mind isn't going the way of pre-recession era banks. No, I haven't stopped thinking about funny video topics. Yes, I realize that not making any videos for several months is a great way to lose all your attention. SO GET OFF MY BACK!

I'm writing new videos. Better videos. Videos that are so funny you'll poop your pants. That's right, poop. You'll be so embarrassed that you pooped yourself at work while watching my videos. So just hold on a little longer, I'll find time to get the site up, and everything will go back to normal. Promise.

Just make sure to have a change of clothes on hand.