Ziptronix to License 3D IC Technology for Imaging Systems

Wed, 11/18/2009 - 4:06am

MORRISVILLE, N.C., November 18, 2009 - Ziptronix, Inc. and Raytheon Vision Systems have reached a licensing agreement for the use of Ziptronix' patented DBI (Direct Bond Interconnect) 3D integration technology in Raytheon's imaging systems. Specified for use in manufacturing Raytheon's focal plane arrays for air, space and terrestrial applications, the Ziptronix technology provides true 3D integration of multilayer CMOS structures, enabling 100% pixel operability within the focal plane.

"We believe that low temperature oxide bonding technology will pave the way for low cost 3D IC integration for the foreseeable future," said Dan Donabedian, CEO of Ziptronix, Inc. "In addition to high reliability military focal plane arrays, our technology has the potential for use in high volume consumer electronics applications such as cell phone cameras and digital cameras."

Ziptronix, Inc., based in Research Triangle Park, NC, is a leader in IP for innovative 3D integration technology for advanced CMOS ICs, with established patent protection for its ZiBond(TM) low temperature covalent bonding (US Patent 7,387,944) and DBI direct bond interconnect (US Patent 6,962,835) technologies.

Ziptronix' DBI technology enables reliable, repeatable, low cost wafer-to-wafer or die-to-wafer bonding without the need for high temperature compression techniques that can lower yields and raise processing costs. A key feature in the Ziptronix technology is the ability to use several DBI metals, including nickel or copper, to reliably interconnect to copper, tungsten or aluminum TSVs, while providing for adequate planarity of the oxide/metal interface to achieve a strong, reliable bond. This process supports both backside and frontside interconnects, maximizing the density of electrical connections between the separate layers and extending bandwidth by alleviating interconnect delays with scalable 3D routing.

For more information about Ziptronix' 3D IC technology and its licensing agreement with Raytheon Vision Systems, contact Chris Sanders at, call 919-459-2444 or visit







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