Sports Car Runs on Garbage

Fri, 09/04/2009 - 5:34am
by Kristin Underwood

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Editor's Note: This is more a concept demonstrator than a viable car, but interesting nonetheless.

(TreeHugger) - This sleek sports-car by Rinspeed gives a new name to alternative fuels. Designed to run off of fermented green waste, the Advantige R One, a Formula One-style car, is no wimp and offers a few upgraded features so the driver still feels tough while driving his/her vegetable-eating vehicle.

While the car can run on garbage, it also gladly accepts gasoline and natural gas, just in case you're on a road trip for one and don't have any excess Kompogas to toss into the tank. Kompogas, you say? Exactly, Kompogas - the fermented green waste made by Zurich-based Kompogas AG. Just one kilogram of fuel is needed for every kilometer driven and this "fuel" reduces emissions from 60-95% compared with diesel and gasoline. The Kompogas facilities are currently producing 20,000 tons of "fuel" each year and has contracts to ship it to Germany, France, Austria, Japan, US, Brazil and Australia.

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