Apple rejects iPhone App advocating single-payer healthcare

Tue, 09/29/2009 - 5:53am
by Jason Lomberg, Technical Editor

iSinglePayerJason-125Apple has rejected an iPhone App that advocates a single-payer healthcare system. The free app, iSinglePayer, was rejected on grounds of being “politically charged.”

iSinglePayer uses charts and bullets to compare healthcare systems and analyze present inefficiencies. It also uses GPS to determine your nearest congressman and then determines how much he/she receives from the healthcare industry. The App was rejected after five weeks on the queue (most Apps get approved in 10-14 days).

Truth be told, there’re plenty of politically-charged iPhone Apps, including countless Obama entries. Many partisan political sites have corresponding Apps. But Apple also informed “Floatopian” (the App’s creator) that iSinglePayer was rejected in part because it was “the product of a lone developer.” The developer believes he’s being “censored.”

This editor is no fan of single-payer healthcare, but finds it strange that the company (Apple) which bills itself as the “hip” alternative to PC would toe the line on an issue like this. 

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