Murdoch Demands More From Amazon and Kindle

Mon, 08/10/2009 - 9:38am
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Editor's Note: This issue brings up fundamental questions about the relationship between reader and content provider. How much do you owe a publisher as audience? A fee? Your name and contact info for marketing purposes? What about tracking for DRM compliance? Frankly, this is what moved the Kindle from my "must-have" list to the "I might use it for unimportant stuff if I get on e as a gift". What happends when you can only access content electronically?

Rupert Murdoch(Daily Finance) Rupert Murdoch's mad as hell, and he's not going to take it anymore. High-handed treatment from Amazon, that is. On News Corp.'s (NWS) fiscal-year-end earnings call with analysts, the notoriously shoot-from-the-hip mogul suggested that The Wall Street Journal will cease to be available on the Kindle e-reader unless Amazon starts offering a more generous revenue split and more publisher-friendly policies.

Murdoch acknowledged that the Journal recently negotiated a slightly larger share of the revenues Amazon gets from selling Kindle subscriptions to the paper, "but it's not a big number, and we're not encouraging it at all because we don't get the names of the subscribers," he said. "Kindle treats them as their subscribers, not as ours, and I think that will eventually cause a break with us."

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