Apple Job Listing Hints at More Powerful iPhone To Come

Fri, 05/22/2009 - 4:53am
Arnold Kim

Editor's Note: new functionalities are always welcome, but there would also be a significant benefit to the user if the iPhone broke free of the AT&T network and allowed users to select their own provider. 

( - A recent Apple job listing that we just discovered reveals that Apple is looking for a low level iPhone programmer with detailed knowledge of the ARM processor including its NEON vector unit. 

NEON is an extended instruction set similar to Intel's SSE or PowerPC's AltiVec which can accelerate multimedia applications. What's interesting is that NEON is the marketing term for the most recent version of these extensions specifically for the ARMv7 Cortex processors. Apple presently uses the ARMv6 processor in the iPhone and iPod Touch which does not appear to offer NEON. The obvious reason for Apple to be seeking a programmer with this expertise is that they must be optimizing the iPhone OS for the new Cortex processors.

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