So far, the big themes this year seem to be Green Technology and 3D. 3D Technology has been around for decades, mainly as a gimmick in movie theaters, but it may finally have come of age. Most of the major manufacturers have 3D tech on display, and filmmaker James Cameron (Titanic) is partnering with Panasonic to use 3D tech on his new movie, Avatar. This Editor tried out the various 3D displays, and they seemed leagues ahead of their gimmicky ancestors. As always, enjoy!


Welcome to the Las Vegas Convention Center.                               Over 130,000 attendees showed up.


One of Sandisk's latest MP3 players, the Clip.                                               OLED TVs from Sony


Part of the green push, bamboo jumpdrives from Asus.                                                                                                             And a bamboo mouse. 


The requisitte underwater tech shot.                                                                Recent ECN topic, Zigbee.


Your humble editor trying out Nvidia's GeForce 3D Vision Glasses                                       They need no introduction...


A Samsung Super SSD.                                                            This seems so natural for some reason...