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Universal Science

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Universal Science is an accredited global supplier and manufacturer of thermal management materials and a total LED lighting solutions provider.

Established in 2002 we specialise in the cooling of electronics from a design perspective, achieved by working closely with our clients and offering a tailored, personalised approach to thermal management. Our thermal interface materials range from electrically insulating pads to liquid based thermal bonding putties. Our wide arsenal of thermal products enables us to guarantee that we will have a thermal solution that will meet the needs of our customer's project requirements.

We have developed thermal management experience in the following industrial applications: automotive, power, aerospace, military, LED lighting, medical equipment and consumer electronics.

LED lighting has become a further specialist area for the group as we manufacture LED light engines that are all accompanied by a Universal Science approved solution to cooling.

+44 1908-222-211
Mailing Address:
Units 15-16, Walker Ave., Wolverton Mill
Milton Keynes, Other MK12 5TW
United Kingdom

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