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Harry Krantz Company

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The Harry Krantz Company provides same day shipping from the largest in-stock inventory of qualified hard to find, obsolete and DMS electronic components with over 700,000 individual line items of electronic components and related product, stored and maintained in an ESD-protected facility. The core of our inventory has been acquired from US-based defense and aerospace manufacturers through consignment partnerships and outright purchase.

To ensure authenticity, our extensive lines of semiconductors, passive components, connectors and electro mechanicals are qualified by our team of quality professionals according to prevailing industry standards. We take every available measure to provide only high quality, certifiable and OEM-traceable product to our customers.

The Harry Krantz Company provides solutions to the most challenging inventory-driven problems, including DMS, end-of-life, legacy program support and excess inventory management. We provide logistics, warehousing and consignment solutions to bring the broadest range of supply services to our customers.

Mailing Address:
50 Heartland Blvd.
Edgewood, New York 11717
United States

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