Watch five monster machines battle it out for Jenga champion

Fri, 05/02/2014 - 6:59am
Kasey Panetta, Managing Editor

I love CATs. I just find them to be awesome in their majestic beauty. I admire their strength and I'm comforted by their noises (especially when the bucket drops).

Not this kind of cat.I am, of course, talking about Caterpillar machines. (I’ve been strictly a “dog” girl from day one.) My obsession with these beauties requires a little background. My dad is a builder, so it was just part of growing up to have big toys everywhere. I was the kid haughtily correcting other kids, “That’s an excavator, not a backhoe.”

I was always particularly impressed by the dexterity of these huge machines. Excavators are tough enough to move several tons of dirt and debris, but dainty enough to lift a beer bottle without breaking it. It boggles the mind. These machines are an impressive combination of harsh environment technology and finely-tuned motor control and electronics.

THIS kind of CATTo highlight that, Cat—this is an obvious promotion—pulled some of their heavy duty machines: the 320E Hydraulic Excavator, the TH514c Telehandler, the 277D Loader, the m316D Wheel Excavator, and the 349E Excavator to a testing facility in Illinois. The team focused the ability of the machines to make smooth, sure movements with the ultimate test of skill: Jenga. The Jenga setup features 27 wooden blocks, which each weigh in at 600 pounds. If nothing else, this speaks to Cat’s commitment to their tagline of “Built for it…No matter what ‘it’ is.”

For the record, I don’t know if this is more a testament to the machines or the drivers, but either way, it’s pretty impressive. (I can’t help but think the Loader is at a disadvantage, but that’s just me.)



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