CES 2014: The weird, strange, and unique

Wed, 01/15/2014 - 2:19pm
Jason Lomberg, Technical Editor, photography by Melissa Spivak

Every trade show has these — the oddball products, tech demos, and general weirdness that accompanies any large gathering of people vying for your attention. Sometimes, the exhibits exude innovation and leave a positive lasting impression on all who beheld its splendor. And sometimes they're just ... odd. The following is the weirdest, strangest, and otherwise unique products I saw at CES 2014.

Special mention needs to be made of filmmaker Michael Bay. In case you just emerged from hibernation, the prolific director of Transformers, The Rock, and Armageddon was supposed to promote the 105'' curved UHD TV at the Samsung press conference. After flubbing his lines, Bay got rattled, the teleprompter lost its place, and rather than improvise, the director made an abrupt exit. The crowd was dumbstruck. Relive Bay's moment of shame below.

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