Watch “Star Wars” recreated using an Etch a Sketch

Mon, 10/14/2013 - 2:18pm
Jason Lomberg, Technical Editor

The force is strong with this one....

I was never very skilled with an Etch a Sketch. And it’s not just my complete lack of artistic ability – my hands are steady as a coffee junkie (small wonder I didn’t become a doctor). But this guy is good – very, very good. Using nothing more than a garden-variety Etch a Sketch, he creates a complete recap of “Star Wars”, and it’s glorious.

Todd (of “Todd’s Sketches”) hosts a channel on YouTube devoted entirely to Etch-a-Sketch “movies.” His latest – a scene-by-scene recap of “Star Wars” – is some kind of miracle. The abbreviated recap (the video is only 2:21 long) hits all the major plot points, and Todd, himself, provides narration (in case you can’t follow his masterful animations or, by some sort of cataclysmic event, haven’t seen “Star Wars”).

Todd’s Etch a Sketch-ified “Star Wars” becomes increasingly sophisticated toward the end – from cute little Jawas all the way to the Death Star and an X-Wing. If you don’t think this is amazing, try drawing something simple – like a cat or something resembling a person (I can’t). Todd does one better – the digital artist creates a reasonable facsimile of Chewbacca!

And yes – it would appropriate to call Todd a Jedi Knight in the art of Etch a Sketching.

Watch and enjoy.


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