This office-training parody will make you nostalgic for the '80s

Tue, 10/01/2013 - 2:50pm
Jason Lomberg, Technical Editor

Ah, the ‘80s ... the Cold War was winding down, Arnold Schwarzenegger was terminating box office receipts, and hokey office-training videos were at their peak. Grasshopper – a company that provides entrepreneurs with virtual phone systems – captured all that and more in their parody/viral marketing campaign, the “Epic 80s Entrepreneur Training Video.”

No doubt about it – Grasshopper’s clever video will make you nostalgic for the ‘80s (the hyperbolic version proffered by Hollywood, anyway). If you’ve seen TV’s “The Office” – the American or especially the British version – or worked in an office during the penultimate decade of the 20th century, you’ll recognize all the themes: the manic boss spouting inane slogans, the insufferable acronyms meant to communicate even more insufferable company mantras, and the frantic pace.

Moreover, if you’ve watched a TV show, seen a movie, or listened to music from the decade of Reagan, Michael Jackson, and Back to the Future, you know that everyone zipped around like a frenzied cheetah, afraid to catch their breath or miss the gig. The genius of the “Epic 80s Entrepreneur Training Video” is that it captures this mood perfectly.

Just don’t forget the important acronym, AUATSCI, or Always Use Acronyms To Simplify Complex Ideas.


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